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E-Sports is still a taboo among many Hong Kong parents, who hold the outdated view that gaming is just waste of time with little reward.

(China just lost to France in the Quarter Finals of Overwatch World Cup. Team pictured below.)

真正靠人工智能賺大錢:顯視卡製造商NVIDIA股價今日首次突破200美元 。去年其股價才70美元,兩年前是30美元!
How A.I. makes you rich: NVIDIA reached $200 for the first time today. It was $70 one year ago and $30(!) two years ago.

網絡安全專家Mathy Vanhoef今日公開了一個影響*全部*Wi-Fi裝置的漏洞,這個漏洞讓駭客可以在沒有Wi-Fi密碼的情況下解密透過Wi-Fi傳遞的信息。雖然沒有證據顯示這個漏洞已被廣泛利用,但在漏洞公開後相信這只是時間問題。目前的最佳自保方法:

A protocol-level vulnerability allows an attacker to decrypt protected messages by attacking the four-way handshake of WPA1 and WPA2. Now more than ever: use HTTPS and VPN!

The sequential write speed of #SanDisk #Ultra #128GB #microSD is surprisingly fast, over twice that of the other 128GB card I have in hand, a Toshiba Exceria 128GB, in the Q32T1 benchmark. The figures seem too good to be true, but I have already repeated the tests 3 times for a total of 15 runs and the results still hold.

My students these days probably don’t know what these are.

Did you know that one of the pioneers in neural network was an econometrician? This was not an easy book to find, but it was well worth it. The book is a collection of articles written by Halbert White—as in *White* Standard Errors—that rigorously laid the theoretical foundation for the effectiveness of neural nets, including universal approximation, consistency and asymptotic normality of learned parameters. These results fill a much-needed gap for those with a background in statistics.

While we on the topic of AI, do you know that Andrew Ng’s online course on deep learning is already available in China, two weeks ahead of its official launch in the United States? It’s a very telling sign on how much a leader China is in the development of AI. I highly encourage anyone interested in knowing what AI really is about to take the course. You get to learn from one of the most important figures in the field, how much better than that can you get?

P.S. It’s also interesting that Andrew chose an economic topic as the very first example.

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