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TensorFlow and CUDA 8.0

TensorFlow up and running with CUDA 8.0. Life-saving tip: always explicitly enter your CUDA and cuDNN versions during configuration.

My first impression is TF is a bit behind Nervana Neon in terms of training speed and ease of use. Too bad the latter now belongs to Intel, which clearly wants to promote its own Pentium-based Xeon Phi over Nvidia GPU.

Screenshot 2016-08-30 02.08.53

2016-8 Micro SD Speed Test – Micro SD卡評比

Micro SD卡大家可能都要用到,但大概因為卡的價值低,今時今日很少科技網站會做評比,有做的亦無可能做涵蓋所有品牌形號。* 我手頭上剛好有一堆新的Micro SD卡,那就來個測試比試一下那一最款最好。
六款參與評比的Micro SD 卡都是64GB,這容量是目前性價比最高的。所有卡都是 Class 10 U1級別,標準要求最低限速係10MB/s。測試用市面上最快之一的Transcend RNF-9 USB 3.1 讀卡器,最高讀速260MB/s。測試內容跟隨行業標準,包括Crystal Mark 3.0.4連續讀、連續寫、隨機讀及隨機寫。前兩者和後兩者分別測試讀寫大檔案及小檔案的表現。
結果:除了三星及Silicon Power,其他廠商基本上都超越包裝紙上列出的速度。當然,包裝紙上所列的都是數字最大的連續讀取速度,但在實際應用上,隨機讀寫速度對一般用家可能更有意義。考慮到這些因素,評比的結果是:
最快(大檔案):Strontium Nitro
最快(小檔案):Samsung EVO
優異:Transcend Premium 400x
Fastest (Large files):Strontium Nitro
Fastest (Small files):Samsung EVO
Honorable mention:Transcend Premium 400x

如果開個砌機班有無同學有興趣?由零開始,用來做計量運算或小型伺服器。當然,偶爾攞來打The Division或者Destiny亦難以避免….
Any student interested in a workshop building computers for scientific computing? If course, these rigs are perfectly capable of an occasional match of modern gaming…


For students interested in working in the finance field, learning how to write code is more important than ever before.

“[A]s these firms have grown, so has the demand for a new breed of Wall
Street trader — one who can build financial models and write computer code
but who also has the guts to spot a market anomaly and bet big with the firm’s capital.”

New York Times: A New Breed of Trader on Wall Street: Coders With a Ph.D.

Auto-Hiding Taskbar in Windows 10 Tablet Mode

Although there is an existing paid-app that automatically hides the taskbar in tablet mode, I wished for more functionalities. In particular, I want the taskbar to hide in landscape mode where vertical space is precious, but not in portrait mode where there is plenty of vertical space. I ended up writing a little application to get what I need.

Features of the application:

  • Auto-hide taskbar can be turned on or off independently for each combination of tablet mode and screen orientation.
  • Install for all users.
  • Free and open source.

The application can be downloaded here:

Screenshot 2015-10-17 02.28.29