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While we on the topic of AI, do you know that Andrew Ng’s online course on deep learning is already available in China, two weeks ahead of its official launch in the United States? It’s a very telling sign on how much a leader China is in the development of AI. I highly encourage anyone interested in knowing what AI really is about to take the course. You get to learn from one of the most important figures in the field, how much better than that can you get?

P.S. It’s also interesting that Andrew chose an economic topic as the very first example.

社評﹕AI革命席捲全球 政府須積極回應 – 20170901 – 社評 – 社評 – 明報新聞網



MKL Limited to 1 Thread in Anaconda

If you have used the preload trick to use Math Kernel Library (MKL)  with an early version of Anaconda, you will find that under Anaconda 4.4 MKL is limited a single thread no matter what settings you enter. The solution is to remove the LD_PRELOAD entry for MKL, log out, log back in and you should be good to go.

今日去旺電入貨, 店員話掘coin堀到啲高階顯示卡全部貴曬,有錢都未必有貨。(這並非投資建議。)
A salesperson of a major local computer-component retailer says that the popularity of cryptocurrency mining has drained pretty much all the local supplies of high-end graphics cards. (This is not an investment advise.)
— at Mong Kok Computer Center, Hong Kong.

My deep learning paper on predicting license plate auction prices made it to Financial Times! This is actually the first paper in a series: followup papers will use the prediction model to look into various investment anomalies. Somewhere down the road there will also be a field experiment where we will provide auction participants with an app to gives them estimates in real time.

(Thanks to James Ko for sending me the article!)