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Pay for the Wall with Tariff

The rumor is that Trump is going to slap a steep tariff on Mexican imports to pay for the border wall. This by itself is not surprising, as it is the only option that could be realistically claimed as making Mexico pay up.

The thing is, it doesn’t make any economic sense.

As anyone with common sense can predict, sellers of Mexican products will certainly shift a significant portion of the tariff to American consumers. Any decent ECON 101 would have taught the logic behind tax burden, and unless Mexico have no alternative use of their productivity, Americans consumers will have to pay a lot.

Some might say buying American would solve the problem. Or does it? Suppose every Americans decide to become true patriots and stop buying Mexican products—most likely out of patriotism to their wallets—such that import from Mexico drops to zero. Guess what? The tariff revenue will be zero. So ironically, the more patriotic Americans are, the more they will be paying for the wall.

This type of nonsense is what makes Trump so dangerous. He doesn’t care about the practicality of his orders and the whole country has no choice but to go along with him.

If Trump can put a gag order on EPA, he probably will try to do the same to BLS in the future. No more unemployment statistics. That would be the easiest way for him to claim credit for creating jobs.

Flexible lunch hours: I have the whole sushi restaurant all for myself.


除了AlphaGo,其實還有很多值得留意的人工智能發展。例如現在正在美國進行中的無上限德州撲克大賽,由Carnegie Mellon大學的人工智能對世界上最頂尖的人類選手進行20天的比賽。到目前為止戰況可說是一面倒向電腦一方。
Texas Hold’em is a much more interesting game than Go when it comes to real-world artificial intelligence application, since many important real world issues inherently involves imperfect information. 5 days into the game and the human pros are losing badly.

Claudico battles Donger Kim, Jason Les, Bjorn Li, Doug Polk in Brains vs. AI at Rivers Casion, the first time that a computer program has played Heads-up No-limit Texas Hold’em in competition with top human players.

Source: Brains vs AI

有同學傳來CU Secrets個好grade批鬥大會,說GPA 3.5都怕無second hon云云。少年你們太年輕了,都未上Intermediate Macro,急乜?
Dear students, wait till you went through Intermediate Macro before you say everyone is getting high GPA.

Having taught in the same department for six years, a significant number of my facebook friends are students and alumni. This means that my feed is highly influenced by this group—like tonight, a portrait of a certain female student keeps popping up because too many of my facebook friends “liked” the photo.

研究助理入緊香港車牌拍賣數據,問:「點解 DGS 高 [DBS] 咁多」?
While entering Hong Kong license plate auction data, research assistant noted that #DGS fetched a much higher price than #DBS…as if it could have been the other way round.