Metrics Videos 08

This is becoming a tradition. For the third year in a role Berkeley Economics PhD class of 2010 has produced what now known as “Metrics Videos”–videos that mock the life of economic graduate students. This year Metrics Videos are our biggest production ever, featuring real professors, dozens of graduate student extras, HD recording, special effects, etc. Besides that we also set a new record in the time we finish product, as principle photography was done over a week ahead of the skit party. A big thank you has to be given to all the faculties involved, particularly Prof. Powell and Prof. Ruud who actually performed the music in “No Dissertation”.

So without further due, enjoy the show:

No Dissertation from ticoneva on Vimeo.

Stronger from ticoneva on Vimeo.

Note: To view the clips in High Definition click on the link beneath each video instead of watching it here. If you cannot see the videos click here.

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