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Data Recovered!

So after trying a bunch of different recovery softwares, one stood out as the superior solution: Zero Assumption Recovery. The site is not boasting when it says “our do it yourself data recovery software is far more persistent than many of the other solutions on the market.” Where as all the other recovery softwares I have tried failed to access my drive, ZAR succeeded in pulling out all my data (albeit taking close to 24 hours). Even through it is not cheap, I still recommend this recovery tool to anyone in need.

Microphone Jack is Not Stereo!

It has just come to my attention that my motherboard’s microphone records in a single channel only, and my guess is this is the case for most of the sound cards out there. Granted most computer microphones are mono, but stereo microphones certainly exist and plugging those into a microphone jack could degrade their sound quality significantly.

Sometimes even a Hollywood production needs to resort to unauthorized acts. The following is a interview with one of the visual effects supervisor of the blockbuster Cloverfield:

We hired a helicopter, and went up various buildings to try and get the right angle, but ultimately we found out that the only place to get exactly the camera position that we needed was at a restaurant at the top of quite a famous hotel — and they wouldn’t let us take photographs in there, so it was a real problem. In the end, we all very covertly booked a table at the restaurant and asked to be as near the window as we could be. We took our cameras in there, and kind of snapped away whenever the waiter wasn’t looking. And had a very, very nice dinner.

Read the full interview here.

Malfunctioning Hard Disk

I am pretty convinced that my Western Digital 120GB 2.5″ Hard Disk is malfunctioning. Some data recovery softwares can see the partitions inside, but the data is unaccessible. This is a serious set back for the CS^2 project since all the project files are inside the disk. I do have backup of everything (less the most recent two weeks of work), but the tape containing the bulk of the footage is back in Hong Kong. For now this would mean the project is on hold until June.



D Minus 2

-Crew meeting. I am glad that the participating AVT members are all very smart.
-Purchased a 10.4″ monitor that has a native resolution of 800×600. The saleslady claimed that it has a resolution of 1024×768; while this isn’t a lie that resolution is only supported through emulation.

D Minus 3

-Notified police on Monday’s filming.
-Purchased all the bulbs I need.
-Purchased blue and white colored strips.
-Checked out LCD monitors.
-Confirmed that Cinerent does not have the MK41 microphone I want, despite the microphone is listed on its website.
-Scheduled for crew rehearsal tomorrow.